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Friday, January 12, 2007

We render the jungle...beautifully!

Being in a tropical country, I am feeling lucky for having an opportunity to play paintball in the true jungle environment. Check out the photo below, taken before I was ambushed by the opposing team:

Crysis photo

Dude, I was just kidding! That photo is a snapshot of Crysis, the most anticipated game in 2007! The next installment from Crytek, the developer of one of the most successful FPS game ever, FarCry is touted to bring the graphical realism of PC gaming into the next level, probably even bigger step up than what Doom 3 engine has brought us before.

Just when I thought Unreal3 engine is the one that will take the crown, Crysis will make it even harder for us to judge.

Crysis is among the first game to utilise the power of DirectX10 under Vista, although it also supports DirectX 9.0c under XP. Therefore, I can't imagine how beautiful the game would become since the photo above shows Crysis being rendered under DirectX 9.0c and it is already truly amazing!

Crysis might make me thinking about upgrading the hardware....again.


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