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Monday, February 18, 2008

9600 GT review at TweakTown!

Among X600 GT in the history of NVIDIA graphics card, which one was considered the best in its class? Most would say 6600 GT, I guess. 7600 GT?? Emm, okay..but definitely not 8600 GT.
To continue the trend 9600 GT is also a must product from NVIDIA and once again, we'll be seeing the same question again, will this card become the next 'hot' midrange graphics card?

The answer lies right here at TweakTown. What you'll see is that 9600 GT might have something special under that G94 engine that makes this card very competitive. Let me give this clue: it has to be pitted against 8800 GT and HD 3870, not HD 3850 or any other card of its equivalent. And yeah, it won't beat 8800 GT, but how about HD 3870?

I won't spoil it more but for the price that is well under that of HD 3870, it surely is the next attractive card from NVIDIA. And it's gonna hit the retail shelves next week.


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